Y.Rajeev Reddy
Chairman and Managing Director, Country Club India Limited
Mr. Rajeev Reddy, an entrepreneur in spirit is the Founding Chairman & Managing Director of Country Club India Ltd (CCIL) - a multi-crore Entertainment and leisure Infrastructure conglomerate.

His is the story of vision and hard work, a story typical of an entrepreneur. A graduate in commerce, he decided to embark into the tough terrains of Real Estate and Construction when he was as young as 21 years old. With minimum capital, Mr. Reddy started a real estate company in the year 1981 and named it Amrutha Estates after his mother. The first ambitious project he undertook was Ashiana, a residential complex consisting of 20 deluxe flats, in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Ever since, he has completed over 38 prestigious real estate projects in both Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Eventually, with the budding idea of establishing an executive club and spreading the club culture to various sections of society, Mr. Reddy made his ace move even while he was on the heels of construction of residential and commercial complexes.

In fact, Mr. Rajeev Reddy’s sole motive behind creating Country Club was to provide accessible and affordable clubbing facilities to one and all. Realizing that ordinary men find it difficult to obtain a membership in most of the clubs, he started Country Club in 1989 which now stands as a prestigious landmark in the city of Hyderabad. A staunch believer in validating his products, he has been the face of the company since its inception.

Mr. Reddy is a fitness enthusiast who loves to swimming in his spare time. A tennis champion who represented his state in his heyday, he thoroughly enjoys all sorts of adventure sports such as Para-gliding, River Rafting & Scuba Diving. Mr. Reddy has two sons and a daughter who are also the board members of the Country Club (India) Ltd.
Y.Siddharth Reddy
Joint Managing Director, Country Club India Ltd
At 22, acknowledged as being the youngest CEO of a public limited company in the Corporate India Circuit, Y Siddharth Reddy is a born leader and a thorough bred entrepreneur who stepped into a dream to achieve new levels of corporatism. He was only the 3rd person in his high schools’ 75 year old history to be appointed to four leadership positions simultaneously including the Deputy Head Boy.

The ideal descriptions are a cliché on him. A Self starter, assertive and goal driven, he set a trial of positives to the organization to lead the team to a new phase of growth and development. The credit of building a sound communication platform, creating strategic alliances, developing opportunities beyond promised deliverables and expanding the sheer network strength, via franchisee route in the Country Club goes to him. A hard core finance professional, he accumulated knowledge from Pennsylvania State University – University Park for a year and a half and transferred to the University of Texas at Austin with a short stint at Harvard in-between. He worked with Merrill Lynch just before his senior year and refused over 5 employment offers with companies like IBM, Intel, etc before he decided to move to India to work with his father. Siddharth joined Country Club India Ltd in 2005 to transform the then Country Club India Ltd of $5 million dollars in size along with his father initially and later on with brother to a whopping 60 times higher into a $300 million dollar company in just 3 years.

Active in the ongoing acquisitions and restructuring process, Siddharth wears his mantle lightly as he rides the recent successful completion of two major capital raising exercises, a $25 million foreign currency convertible bond offering listed on the Singapore Stock exchange and another a $125 million dollar Global Depository Receipt/Qualified Institutional Placement listed in Luxemburg and subscribed by over 18 investors across the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. The investor list also includes leading global players like Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Wellington and Citigroup.

Along with this, since 2005 he built new divisions from scratch. He set up a franchise division with offices across the country and signed up over 125 franchises in over 40 national and international destinations. To enhance corporate communiqué and client participation, he also started a magazine called the Update which now has a readership of over 250,000 and is one of the largest in house magazines in the country in a short time span of 2 years.

He also takes special interest in finance and is credited with setting up and executing the first phase of a web based Enterprise Resource Management system across 55 divisions throughout the country simultaneously.

Known to be an intelligent, humorous and passionate speaker, he was also an avid tennis player and was ranked in the top 100 of the Indian national tennis circuit. It is his sportsmanship that has helped him dabble in experiments. In a lighter vein, Siddharth sported a goatee early in his career to look "older" since all his colleagues and business associates were a lot more advanced in the age bracket; what with he being invited to speak at various institutions including most recently at the University of Texas at Austin.
Varun Reddy
Chief Operating Officer, Country Club India Ltd.
All things powerful come in small packages. Now the youngest COO on the Corporate India Circuit, Varun Reddy stepped into the corporate zone in his teens. He is 23 now.

Dynamic, aggressive and focused, he joined the Country Club on a part time basis way back in 2002, and worked part time ever since to don the mantle as Chief Operating Officer in 2006. A Graduate from Rutgers University with a double major in Economics and Communication, he has been responsible for many live projects at Country Club India Ltd since then - that to this day continues to grow from strength to strength.

Presently, Varun Reddy as Chief Operating Officer has been responsible for infusing far sweeping changes in the field of technology applications, Operations and Communications within the organization.

For an organization that has over 60% of its employees in their twenties, he is a role model instilling passion and aggression in great measure. The new generation lifestyle needs is imbibed into the clubbing culture with him at the helm. The Country Club Mysore road, a club he was responsible in setting up from scratch earlier (2002), is also the first to have a dance floor in the network of Country Club India Ltd owned properties.

With a training ground that breeds entrepreneurs, he enjoys working with radical thinking individuals driving them with innovation and speed. The current rapid expansion spree in establishing marketing offices across India has caught fire under him. A keen marketer with a pulse on the market, he is all set to set new milestones for the organization.

Varun indulges with work as a Globe trotter with an eye for adventure; he has traveled extensively including backpacking across continents like Europe, Australia New Zealand and South America. Varun Reddy has a passion for flying and is also a qualified Private Pilot from Princeton Flying School.
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